We approach suppliers - or they come to us - to arrange a special deal.
Usually the deal will only be available for a few days and you can get a really good price on an item.
We validate the deals in advance, make sure they are legitimate, can be provided and so on.
When you purchase the deal - you are dealing directly with the external vendor.   We are just a conduit for your purchase.
So you are not buying from us - but from the actual seller of the product.  We are not going to get in the way of providing the order or anything like that.
We let the vendor know you have made your purchase and they will provide the items as soon as possible.
If you have ever used Group*n or LivingS*cial then you know exactly what the process is.


We offer two schemes where you can earn money directly fromOurStore.
1) REFERRAL SCHEME:  For every person who subscribes you can receive a £10 credit on their first order.
2) AFFILIATE SCHEME: Using links to the whole site or a specific product you can earn a percentage of ANY sales resulting from that link.


To get a personalised link you can share with others, click on "My Account > See Referral Credits"
You will see link like this:
Just copy that link and send it your friends on email, FaceBook or Google+.   
You can post it on your blog, send it to twitter or give it your colleagues at your work or camera club.
Everytime a friend follows that link you are automatically registered for the £10 credit.
When they place their first order your credit is automatically added to your account.
You can spend the credit on any product listed on the uSave.photography shop.
Referral credits can only be used in the shop, Affiliation credits are paid to you as real money.


If you are already operating your own store or blog, or just want to recommend us, you can earn real money by setting an affiliate link.
Everytime anyone buys an item using your affiliate code you will receive a percentage of the sale.  
You are then paid this money every month.
To get a personalised link you can share with others, click on My Account > Get Affiliate Links".
You will see a link like this:
This is a general link to the site - and you will receive an affiliation payment on ANY product purchased.
This is a link to a specific product - again you will receive affiliation payments on ANY products purchased, even if they did not purchase this item.
You can also download packs of information for specific products which include graphics, banners and text you can place on your own site.


Each product has it's own affiliation percentage - usually 50% - half the purchase price.   So the earnings can be considerable.
For example on the DVD bundle you could earn £180!
This does not apply to every product, the percentage is less on workshops for example (but they are more expensive items).
Not every item has an affiliation fee, but most do.  To see the current cash earnings you can make click on "My Account > Get Affiliate Links".
Affiliation percentages can vary at any time.  
Where an item is on special offer, your affiliation credit is at the reduced price.


You will need a paypal account.  
We will send you your payment monthly.   
Payments will usually be on the first Monday of the month.
We will get in touch with you when your first payment is due to get this setup and confirmed.
After that payments are automatic.
You can see your payments received and due by going to "My Account > See Affiliate Credits".
You do not need to receive these credits as money - you can also use them for purchases on the site.
Referral Credits are only available for use in the shop.


You need to do absolutely nothing!
You are automatically included in the scheme as soon as you register on the site, whether you have purchased anything or not.
This will give you links you can share on FaceBook, email, Google+, your blog - in face anywhere


Yes, there is a full affiliate pack available here:
This zip file contains text, graphics and banners for all of the affiliated products.
For each product you can find:
1) Small images (200 pixels) for sidebars and small links
2) Medium images (512 pixels) for whole page type layours
3) Large images (1024 pixels) if you have a very wide space on your website
4) A text file with appropriate text for the product
5) An HTML file with appropriate text and links - you can probably just cut and paste this to your website or blog
6) Links to youtube trailers and videos where available.
This pack covers all products, so you should need to download it only once.


First step is simple, just drop us a short email letting us know very briefly
1) Who you are
2) What you want to sell
3) What sort of discount or deal you are offering
If it fits we'll get back to you about setting up a merchant account.
The merchant account does not take long and once ready you can submit deals as often as you like.


You should use OurStore because it's risk free and cost free (sort of) marketing.
It will take you maybe 15 minutes to load a deal online.
That is your only up-front cost.
Then you only need to pay for the cost of sale (not for marketing)  on actual sales.
No risk.
You can place the deal and we will promote it.   If it doesn't work and nothing gets sold then it's cost you nothing.
No marketing cost.
Well sort of.   There is a cost WHEN you sell.  So it's a direct sales cost - rather than a nebulous marketing cost.
With the right deal you should be able to make profitable sales without the up-front risk and advertising.
Types of deals you might want to run:
  • Stock Clearance
  • Early Bird Deals on Workshops
  • Download Software and Add-Ons - no cost of delivery :)
  • Loss-Leader Promotional Deals - we always show your website details
  • Studio Days or Modelling Days - fill up your diary
  • Photo Equipment - another route to market
  • Props and Accessories - great for reaching a new audience


Typically we charge 30% of your deal price.
We will then spend as much of that as possible on marketing.   After all the more buyers we have, the happier we all are.
We recognise that not all products fit that 30% criteria - hardware products and workshops being two very good examples.
We will tailor the percentage to fit  your deal.
As a rough guide you can expect something like this:
Deal Price up to £100:   30% on deal
Deal Price £100-£200:  20% on deal
Deal Price £200-£1000: 10% on deal
Cameras and other Expensive Hardware:  variable 3-10%
Workshops, Studio Days and low margin deals:  variable 5-20%


When you register we will send you full details on how to manage your merchant account.
In summary:
1) You enter the details of the deal online under your account.
You have compete control of the text and images you want to use.
You set all the terms and conditions, benefits of the deal.
You use all the sales words, marketing, branding and slogans you want.
2) We review your deal
Your deal must be genuine (no "World Of Funny Sofas Sale Now On" type deals).    You must be able to demonstrate your normal product price.
We will get back to you with any queries or adjustments etc.
3) When we are both happy your deal is in the queue
We make sure that our email promotions include:
a) A good set of deals worth looking at
b) A good variety of deals (no overlapping products)
c) A good overall value to the customer
We don't want to just spam customers - that would be a turn-off.
We will discuss with you deal dates before it goes live.


On each deal we will send you the details of purchases made.
Typicaly you are paid a maximum of 14 days after the deal has closed.
This time period is variable, depending on your credit rating, type of deal and other variables.
We will deduct our percentage fee on the deal before payment.
Payment is made by PayPal or BACS, whichever you prefer.
VAT is not charged on our fees.
You must include VAT on your prices if you are VAT registered.


Yes, you can load up as many deals as you like.
As each deal is checked and confirmed (usually done as a batch) they can all go in the deal queue.
We will then mix them with other deals so that they don't compete with other products in the same deal period.