Airship Assassin - Designer Notes

The trouble with games in general and a lot of party games in particular is that they get in the way of the party. They are games which must be “played” and everyone focuses on the game instead of the party.
Airship Assassin gets away from that problem by being a game where participation is “relaxed”. In other words, some players may be completely inactive, some may occasionally play, some may play enthusiastically. Yet at the same time you can socialise, chat, drink, laugh and it not get in the way of the game. And the game does not get in the way of the party.
When “Two Rooms and a Boom” was released I was struck by the way it encouraged players to relate to each other, I thought that was a good party mechanic. But 2RaaB also makes all players concentrate on the game, not the party. I have sort of built on the ideas behind 2RaaB to make something more social and less restrictive.


Leviathan 3000 - Designer Notes

I grew up with the Apollo moon landings and 2001 a Space Odyssey.  I've always been a science-fiction nut.
So it drives me spare whenever i see spaceships flying around like Spitfires, all banking and curving and swooping.
Space doesn't work like that.  There's no air, no wings, no flying.  It's all about momentum and thrust.


Movie Maker - Designer Notes

Movie Maker
This is still a work in progress, firstly I haven't got the game mechanics right yet and secondly it's full of copyrighted images.   So apologies for not putting this one up for a full download.
The premise of the game is you go around a board collecting cards.   You need a full set of cards: concept, actors, directors, location in order to make a movie.
When you've made a movie you earn money on its release.
Along the way you may have your actors stolen for other films, fail to make the enough money, have an art-house success or a block-buster flop.
The game is too big, too expensive but mostly it needs a lot more playtesting to get the whole process of collecting cards, dispensing cards, winning and making movies and the rewards you get sorting out.